Zombie horror filmmakers take advantage of “outrage”

zombie-freeA group of Wisconsin-based filmmakers prepares to shoot a zombie horror film, relying on the stereotype of Tea Party members generated by the mainstream media, have already prompted backlash from establishment GOP, including Right Wisconsin.

The New World Horror, set to film this summer, will tell the story of eight strangers who are terrorized by undead hordes when a demonic virus from hell transforms participants at a “Tea Party” political rally into literal zombies.

Director Adam Schabow, a Milwaukee resident with deep Madison ties, explains that, while the inspiration for the film is rooted in his frustrations with the current state of politics, The New World Horror is not necessarily intended as a political commentary. “We want to scare the heck out of people, first and foremost,” Schabow claims. “This is a horror movie in the style of Night of the Living Dead, with a nod to cheekier cult classics like Gremlins and Evil Dead.

Rather than actually skewer the coporatists and statists in both parties, the tragically unhip Schabow admits that his political humor will have a limited audience. “Is there some political humor? Sure,” says Schabow. “But more than anything, this is just a chance to make some great cinema with a whole lot of blood and guts and gore. And I’ll be honest, I doubt the DNC is going to be endorsing this film any time soon, either.”

Charlie Sykes gave Schabow exactly what he wanted; publicity. In a piece for Right Wisconsin, Collin Roth says it is “clear Schabow possesses a smug disdain and absurd fear of everyday Americans who believe in things like limited government, individual liberty, and spending restraint.”

However, Godfather Politics, blogger Tad Cronn hits the nail on the head,“Schabow and his flunkies are trying to raise a few thousand dollars for the project over at IndieGoGo,” Cronn writes, “and they are offering funders treats like the opportunity to design a Tea Party sign (misspellings encouraged) for the zombies to hold, to play a zombie or even to kill off a character. (Might be worthwhile
to go after the director. …)”

Filmmakers hoped the project would stoke controversy. They are currently putting the final touches on the script while they ramp up efforts to crowdfund the project, crash-test their gory special effects systems and lay plans for a summer shoot.

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