Wisconsin Well Represented By Illogical Radical Democrats

Wisconsin's Senator Tammy Balwin and Representative Gwen Moore at the Demo Sitin

By Richard Brinkley

An American citizen, of Afghan parents, committed the Orlando tragedy. The shooter was allegedly radicalized, gay, mentally ill and a registered Democrat.   Yet, Radical Democrats continue their attack on the second amendment.

The left includes in the definition of “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine and pistol grip, and sometimes include a flash suppressor. This definition could include toy guns. The term “assault weapon” is sometimes conflated with “assault rife,” which refers to selective-fire military rifles that can fire in automatic or semi-automatic modes.

Having spent time in the military, I would not classify semi-automatic weapons as “assault weapons” just because it has a pistol grip and detachable magazine. Any semi-automatic pistol would then fit that definition. I want to meet the loony Radical Democrat who is willing to break up a machine gun ambush with a puny semi-automatic pistol.

Anyone can kill with a firearm. In 2013, the latest year with government statistics available, there were 33,000 gun deaths. Less than two percent were the result of mass shootings.

Anyone can kill with a vehicle. The National Safety Council estimated 38,400 people were killed in in automobile accidents in 2015.  Automobiles kill more people than those killed with firearms. So why aren’t the Radical Democrats trying to outlaw vehicles?

Anyone can kill with a blunt instrument. The FBI data for 2005 showed the number of murders committed with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders committed with a blunt instrument was 605.  In 2011, the FBI data showed 323 murders committed with a rifle, while 496 murders were committed with a blunt instrument. Why aren’t Radical Democrats outlawing blunt instruments?

Anyone can kill with his or her bare hands. The FBI data reveals that about twice as many people are killed with hands and fists each year than are killed by murderers who use rifles.  Why aren’t Radical Democrats outlawing hands and fists?

The irrationality of the Radical Democrats is exposed. By its own logic, if an argument exists for eliminating the Second Amendment and all weapons, then a stronger argument exists for eliminating all cars, eliminating all blunt instruments and eliminating all hands and fists. This irrationality demonstrates the lunacy and dishonesty of Radical Democrats.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson declared, after Orlando, that gun control has become “a part of homeland security,” i.e., the DHS will use “national security” as a way of disarming Americans and eviscerating the Second Amendment. If this happens, the culmination of the American Police State will be realized.

A study I made of mass shootings prior to Orlando showed that over eighty percent of the shooters were mentally ill. Mass shootings are a product of dysfunctional and chaotic metal processes. Do I have to be a psychologist to make this statement? Of course not, just ask yourself this question: What normal person would engage in a mass shooting?

A review of the shootings in Newton, CT, and Aurora, CO, and farther back to Gabby Giffords 2011 shooting in Tucson, AZ, and the Virginia Tech slaughter in 2007 shows the central issue not to be guns but mental health. In each of these cases, the assailants had a history of mental health illness. And in each case the Obama administration ignored the mental illnesses and focused on guns.  Radical Democrats refuse to deal with the real issue because it is not part of their agenda.

Radical Democrats want to eviscerate the Second Amendment and confiscate all weapons. Based on Australia and Britain gun turn-in programs, Australia’s turn-in captured 25% of its guns and the British turned-in about 28% of their guns. Australians and British people are fairly obedient to their laws and the gun turn-in program failed miserably. Americans are not as obedient. We tend to have a rebellious and defiant streak when it comes to government.

Radical Democrats should be looking at improving the mental health laws in this country to reduce the incidence of mass shootings, not eliminating the Second Amendment. However, this will never happen. Radical Democrats are incapable of recognizing the truth when it conflicts with their ideological agenda.

Proof of the pudding: how could Radical Democrats in Congress have better illustrated their petulant immaturity than by their childish and moronic “Sit In” on the floor of the House this week to demonstrate for gun control legislation instead of the critical issue of mental health laws?

Do you still wonder why Congress doesn’t get anything done, and why what they do get done is often flawed, self-serving or both? No wonder Congress has the lowest popularity rating of any major government institution.