Wisconsin has nation’s strongest pension plan

chronological order in essay writing pension,moneyAccording to a new Morningstar report, Wisconsin has the nation’s strongest pension plan. Wisconsin’s public pension was 99.9 percent funded, with unfunded liabilities of $18 per capita.


go here On average, state pension plans are roughly 73 percent funded, according to Morningstar, an investor research company that puts together the annual report. While experts consider many factors, a funded ratio of 80 percent or better is considered to be a rough measure of a healthy plan. Funding ratios dropped last year, thanks to deferred losses from the economic downturn, but the situation is improving, the report’s author Rachel Barkley says.

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enter site New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Washington were also funded at 90 percent or more. Six states had less than $100 in per capita unfunded liabilities. Illinios had the worst with a ratio of 40.4 percent and a per capita unfunded liability of $7,421.