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here Democrats look for ways to oppose SCOTUS pick, but options are limited


dissertation writing services reviews …. When it comes to pressuring the majority to move on a particular issue — such as family separations — one option for the minority could be to withhold a quorum. Senate rules require at least 51 senators to participate in a vote. With Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on medical leave, Democrats could refuse to come to the floor for a roll call and cause everything to come to a halt.


poetic essay “Democrats have leverage to try to make demands to complicate the business of the Senate, but I don’t think quorum breaking is a way to indefinitely block a Supreme Court nomination,” Koger said.

click Koger said there are ways Republicans could break the logjam, if they were determined. They could use the sergeant at arms to force senators into the chamber, then, when there are enough people, they could change the precedent for a quorum.


thesis binding reading berkshire “If you’ve got a committed majority that’s trying to force one thing through … they do have procedural options to make that happen,” he said…..

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thesis statement for music education To read more — Democrats look for ways to oppose SCOTUS pick, but options are limited — click here

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