The Hypocrisy Of NFL Players

By Richard Brinkley

Colin Kaepernick first disrespected our flag, our National Anthem, our active duty military and veterans by claiming he was protesting police behavior against blacks and oppression of minorities in the United States.

This protest came from a multi-millionaire who was provided by the very flag, police and military he was protesting against. If Kaepernick was truly serious about protesting, why didn’t he protest against black on black homicides? There were almost 6,000 black on black homicides in 2015.

If Kaepernick was truly serious about protesting, why didn’t he protest against black abortions. According to the Census Bureau abortion ends the lives of more blacks than all other causes of death combined. Generations of black babies have been lost to abortion.

Kaepernick complained that showing pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color is wrong. So this multi-millionaire snowflake, who earned millions of dollars because of the opportunities America has provided, is taking a stand.

Miami Dolphin Jelani Jenkins said he wanted to create change, raise awareness.  He said, “I want to make it clear that there is no disrespect to the military or to police officers – I’m not about that. I love everyone.”  Then what is this disrespectful and insulting demonstration about?  Even the NFL players are not sure. They’re kneeling because other players are kneeling: non-thinking herd mentality.

So let’s be fair here. The NFL players have a Constitutional right to demonstrate as part of their First Amendment freedom of expression. I have a Constitutional right not to watch NFL games. I also have a Constitutional right to notify the sponsors of NFL games that as long as the NFL players are going to disrespect our flag, our country, our police, our military and our veterans, I will no long purchase their products. I have already started writing to the sponsors. I have already stopped watching NFL games.

The Kaepernick narrative is bogus. Police do not kill a disproportionate share of blacks. “. . . [A]n officer’s chance of getting killed by a black assailant is 18.5 times higher than the chance of an unarmed black getting killed by a cop.”

Now, the NFL is attacking President Trump. He did not start this controversy. The President is not the divisive party. Who started this controversy? The NFL players, particular Kaepernick, started this controversy. To attempt to blame the President is evidence of moral cowardice on the part of the NFL players.

For the first time in history our National Anthem has been politicized by multi-millionaire players, most of who never served their country. I served my country in two tours overseas in Korea and Vietnam. I am offended by their unpatriotic, un-American behavior. The NFL has lost another fan.