The Establishment – Who Are You?

Opinion By Jeff Utsch

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the “establishment” in recently and it is never good.

For those who belong to the Republican Party, the “establishment” means a bunch of always wealthy and powerful males in and out of elected office. The “establishment” is really much more than that but let’s start off with this initial definition.

With that obvious definition in mind; we are forced to ask some simple questions:

  • Why don’t they seem to see what is happening in this primary cycle?
  • Why don’t they understand that what is happening – you know – the rise of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders; all that is not “establishment?”
  • Do they understand that their behavior has left us doubting anything they say?
  • Have they stopped to think of what they did (or did not do), and if what they did or do actually does what we want and need?
  • Why does it seem that they can’t or won’t hear us and see what is happening? Why can’t they see us walking away from them?
  • They say that they are just doing what is best for our Country and that we must accept the fact that they know what is best.

They want us to believe that “outsiders” – us – are gaining a foothold within the Party, and that we are dangerous and could bring ruin on us all by risking a loss in this upcoming election. They insist that we reflect on what mainstream America wants – as if we are not part of the mainstream

They want us to do what they say works even though it clearly is not working for us. They want us to believe:

  • They know what works, or;
  • They know how to get things done and we just need to be patient, or;
  • We are simply too simple to understand that they have done and are doing

They say to those who believe they stand on principle that it is impossible to stand on principle if you want to accomplish anything.

The powers-that-be tell us that despite controlling the House and the Senate, it is impossible to take on the powers-that-be. Give us the White House and we will make it happen. Believe us this time and we won’t let you down.

Perhaps some of the explanations above are valid, but WE are so tired of the game and so suspect of the players, who do not appear interested in the good of the people and our nation. So, many loyal Republicans have concluded that the “establishment” is there only to keep themselves in power and maintain the status quo.

Sure, they’d probably like to have change, but only as long as it doesn’t threaten their own power and status. At the same time, we sacrifice everything we have to bring about meaningful change and restore our country. At this point most Republicans just want leaders that will do what they said they would do even if they fail. Better to try and fail than to talk big do nothing.

Those of us in mainstream America do it every day. We know that there is no shame is failing – there is only shame in failing to try.

In fairness, some of us are we part of the problem as well. Most of us look to our elected leaders when we talk of the “establishment” as if they were the only members of the elite.

The fundamental problem with blaming the establishment is that the definition of establishment is faulty. The problem is that many of us are a part of the Establishment and don’t even know it.

It’s not just that we vote our representatives into power and let them keep it. Many of us complain about Congress and point fingers at them when things don’t go our way, but we don’t mind the “establishment” when they are doing things that benefits us.

We are fine when they giving us money for our pet projects or protect our special interests. It’s ok to steal from others when we get the “stuff.” It only seems wrong when we have to pay for the other guy’s stuff. Yes, it is true, many benefit from the “Establishment” and the status quo to the detriment of others, including the next generation (our children). Subconsciously or consciously, many are ok with the way things are as long as we get more than we give. Oh, the “establishment” is much bigger than we all like to acknowledge and many of us who criticize “them” are card holding members.

Let’s define the establishment then. My definition of the establishment is: Anyone (elected officers at all levels and private citizens) who is happy with or benefits from the status quo and the power structure as is now constituted in this country or within their Party more than they value Freedom and the Proper Limited Role of Government.

Are you a member?