Sen.Baldwin Flip-Flops On ‘Fully Reviewing’ President Trump’s SCOTUS Nomineeödeby.html [Madison, WI]— In a stunning reversal, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin today broke her word to Wisconsinites, declaring that she will oppose President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, after promising on Monday to “fully review” his record and meet with him while considering her position.

möja och nämdö dejting “Not only is Senator Tammy Baldwin opposing a qualified nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court – she’s breaking her word to the people of Wisconsin after promising to ‘fully review Judge Gorsuch’s record’ before making a decision. This is just further proof that after two decades of talk in Washington, Senator Baldwin has become an elite liberal insider who is set on playing political games and protecting the Washington status quo at all costs.”

casino de juegos en italia Deir ez-Zor Background On Tuesday, Senator Baldwin expressed concern about Judge Gorsuch but had not declared a position, promising that she would “do my job to fully review Judge Gorsuch’s record” and look forward to meeting him. She said she would evaluate whether he will protect Americans’ constitutional rights as she gave “fair consideration to this nomination.”

Today, just two days later – without time to review his record, meet with him, submit questions, or otherwise explore his judicial philosophy or positions more deeply – she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she would oppose Judge Gorsuch.

In addition to reversing her statement from Tuesday, Senator Baldwin is proving hypocritical, refusing to fully consider Gorsuch after saying in 2016 that “The American people cannot afford partisan obstruction that threatens the integrity of our democracy and the functioning of our constitutional government,” while attacking Republicans who were arguing that with the vacancy coming up so close to the election, the American people deserved to have a say at the ballot box before the next Supreme Court Justice was nominated.