RNC plays hard ball: Sunday’s comic

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The Arizona Daily Independent, reported during this past week that Arizona RNC Chair Bruce Ash has called for violence against former Wisconsin-based conservative talk show host James T. Harris.

The ADI reports that on Saturday, November 8, Ash appeared on a radio show hosted by Arizona radio personality Emil Franzi. “The radio dialogue went rogue,” according to Command Chief Master Sergeant (ret.) Chuck Wooten, a community leader who challenged McSally in the Republican Primary.

Listeners heard Franzi wrongly allege that Harris had endorsed the Democrat incumbent in the race; Congressman Ron Barber. Ash doubled down on Franzi’s weird suggestion that someone go over and “hang up a sign about [James T.]Harris and that phony light colonel [Lt. Col. (ret) Thomas Norris] who was over there endorsing Barber.” Ash replied, “How about kneecapping the both of them…,” referring to both Harris and another host at the station, Jon Justice.

Harris, known for his humorous personality, jokingly posted on Facebook, “Holy Establishment backlash, Batman! On 1030 KVOI, Bruce Ash, the AZ Republican National Committeeman (1 of 50) just called for me to be physically harmed? He said that if McSally loses, I should be “kneecapped.” Does that make him the Tonya Harding of politics? “Why? Bruce? Why? Why????”

Ash responded on Harris’s Facebook page, “Dude—Your (sic) acting like an idiot. You should listen to the podcast. Get your facts straight. What is correct is your perpetual kneecapping of Martha McSally in this election has been deplorable.”

Command Chief Master Sergeant (ret.) Chuck Wooten, a community leader who challenged McSally in the Republican Primary has formally called for Ash’s resignation.

“Using a tactic we’ve become all too accustomed to from the Obama administration, Ash launched into a predictable damage-control posture and unsuccessfully attempted to deflect blame back onto Harris. Ash was clearly attempting to cover his tracks, which is a sure sign he knows he messed up. Digital media is a stubborn thing and the unedited radio broadcast is available in its entirety. Nice try, but…” said Wooten.

“Tucson is not Chicago. Mr. Ash may fancy himself a Don-wannabe, but the brazenness in which he so flippantly issued his edict over public airwaves must be dealt with by the RNC—and swiftly,” concluded Wooten.

Since the airing of the interview many other GOP leaders in Arizona have asked for Ash’s resignation as well.

Good to see that James T. can still keep the establishment on it’s heels.