Obama scolds Walker on Right to Work, business advocates fire back

In response to Governor Walkers signing the Right to Work bill that was passed overwhelmingly by both the Assembly and Senate in Wisconsin in recent weeks, President Obama today stated he was “deeply disappointed” and went on to declare the law “anti-worker”. Obama continued to say that the law in Wisconsin will weaken workers.=m and that Governor Walker should take meaningful action as it pertains to his state.

According to at least two leading pro-business associations, the president’s rhetoric simply does not ring true.

“Yesterday’s signature on right to work legislation was a victory for workers and employers alike. Finally, in Wisconsin, everyone will have the ability to determine their own fate and no one will be forced into a union against their will.” Said Bill G. Smith,  National Federation of Independent Business Wisconsin State Director, “The President may think today was not meaningful but small business throughout the state knows that in the end, becoming a right to work state will decrease unemployment and empower our state’s economy.”

“The statistics show that right to work states have fared much better during the difficult economic climate that we have recently faced.” Continued Smith, “Thanks to Governor Walker, Wisconsin is going to begin reaping the benefits that dozens of other right to work states have been enjoying for a long time.”

WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer also chimed in on Obama’s statement “It’s disappointing that President Obama has come out against a policy that gives workers freedom of choice in the workplace. The fact is, right to work states grow jobs and wages twice as fast as forced-union states do. By contrast, the President supports a wage policy that the Congressional Budget Office said will likely kill 500,000 American jobs. Gov. Walker remains focused on providing freedom and economic opportunity to workers.”