Music’s Influence On Our Children

By Jacque Napier

For thousands of years music has always played an important role in all cultures. Rather it be a part of ritual or entertainment, music’s presence in history has been strong and is growing rapidly.  100’s of genres, instruments, sounds, vibrations, and frequencies.  It seems as if music is hard wired in the human body.  Instruments such as a drum can trigger an emotion or make you feel some type of way depending on the rhythm, frequency and vibration.  Even turning up the volume in your car makes you want to bob your head a little harder.  The ancients realized the power of sound, how our bodies react to it and how to read sacred geometry that sounds produce.  Scientist are starting to scratch the surface with studies in Cymatics (the study of visual effects of sound and vibration).  Also Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work on the memory of water His work along with Hans Jenny’s work on Cymatics

These studies  expose great truths on the deep spiritual influence sound carries.  Emoto’s experiment was simple yet conveyed astonishing results.  He simply exposed water to notes. So called “good” or “bad” e.g. love and hate. Froze the exposed waters and used a microscopic camera to record the crystallization of the water. The crystals exposed to the love note produced beautiful, vibrant crystals while the water exposed to the hate note produced distorted and chaotic crystals.  This experiment included pictures and sound.  Water exposed to Mozart and heavy metal music produced beautiful and chaotic crystals as well.  Cymatics produce the same symbols when sound is applied to a metal plate with sand or salt on top of the plate.

A hidden language is embedded in sound that many of us have no clue about and our body being 70% water should make us rethink how we feed ourselves music.  Literally we are what we eat, we program ourselves through sound, vibration, thoughts and emotions.  Knowing this we should be more careful of what music we choose to listen too.  In the hip hop culture, the quality of the intentions behind the lyrics has declined tremendously.  A message of heavy drug use, disrespecting our women, worshipping money and material items and overall demoralization of the culture is the direction hip hop has been headed for quite some time now.  Today’s youth need more role models as well as teachers to show them the codes written in sound.  Diving into this topic has made me change the words I speak to my children.  More encouragement and praise will produce beautiful intelligent children.  70’s and 80’s music is the music of choice for me as a father.  Yes, this includes classic hip hop.  Simply because the lyrics were more genuine and spoke more of love and not so much curse words.  Introducing our children to music is something some parents don’t really take seriously.  The kind of let them listen too what they want approach is common.  What’s on the radio now days is a far cry from music.  Most artist today don’t even use actual instruments.  It’s all artificial sounds and voices.  Teaching them to play an instrument is a great idea to help them cultivate their uniqueness through music.  Expose them to the rich history of music.  Whatever genre you choose spotlight artist that were passionate about their craft not the fame.  Exposing children to music early in their development helps strengthen the connection between body and mind to work together.  Having them sing along to songs helps them develop their singing voice too.  Early exposure is very beneficial.  By the ages of 10-12 their ego sets in and are more so identified with their personality.  On top of that they really aren’t trying to hear what the old folks got to say about music.  With all this being said, we as parents must take it upon ourselves to learn the symbolism hidden in sound frequency and vibration.  This is a great place to start. Check out this video on cymatics an awesome display of the symbols created by sound. Jacob Cox has a really informative video on the Fibonacci sequence, sacred geometry, cymatics and golden ratio. Our brother Sevan Bomar dives deep and decodes the universal language on the lightning in a bottle radio show back in 2016. Sevan has a computer program called Cymatic Frequency Emulator. It is a full featured and mathematically accurate tonoscope emulator that lets you create frequency patterns without the expense of traditional hardware needed for plate vibration research. Check it out.  Another one of our brothers Tias Climes aka Taokai drops knowledge with some conscious rap that I can’t wait for my children to hear                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jacque Napier is a content writer for  and a spiritual growth practitioner. He has many projects in development such as writing children’s books on spiritual growth and meditation, building homeless rehabilitation facilities, vegetarian food trucks and restaurants, cryptocurrencies investments, urban farming, clothing design, and fitness instruction.