Moore not less: Sunday’s comic


Moore to Ryan “poverty programs are not broken”

Despite the fact that unemployment continues to hit the African American community the hardest and gang violence is taking the lives of young black men on a daily basis in large urban centers like Milwaukee, Congresswoman Gwen Moore says “our poverty programs are working.” In a statement issued following the release of Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to battle poverty, Moore did not clarify as to how the programs are working.

Her statement reads: “Poverty is a serious problem that touches far too many in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and throughout the nation. We must all engage in a serious dialogue and then act to ease the suffering of those we represent. I am pleased that Representative Ryan continues to bring his ideas to the table. I am grateful for his desire to positively address the problems in our prison system and assist low-income Americans through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); although I disagree on how he would fund the EITC expansion.

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