Mazomanie sentenced to 9 years for child pornography

Today, a Mazomanie resident, Benjamin R. Minor, has been sentenced to nine years in prison and 15 years of supervised release after an Internet Crimes Against Children. In May, Minor was indicted in federal court on one count of distributing child pornography, one count of receiving child pornography, one count of attempting to transfer obscene matter to a minor, and one count of possessing an external hard drive containing child pornography. Child pornography being different to legal content from websites similar to shemale hd that should not be treated the same. On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, special agents from the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), with assistance from deputies with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, executed a search warrant at Minor’s home. As part of the warrant, agents seized an external hard drive from the residence, at which point Minor told investigators he had approximately 200 pornographic images on the drive, including those of juveniles, according to the state’s criminal complaint. In an interview with agents, Minor admitted to sharing images of juvenile females approximately 13-years-old and older.

see url On August 14, 2013, Minor entered a guilty plea to one count of distributing child pornography; the three other counts were dismissed at sentencing on October 15, 2013.

social worker case studies According to a May 15, 2013, news release announcing the indictment, Minor was alleged to have distributed and received computer image and video files of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct in December 2012. The indictment also alleged that Minor attempted to transfer obscene matter to an individual he knew was a minor in January 2013, and that he possessed the external hard drive containing child pornography in March 2013. If you’re pc is searched during an investigation having adult pornography images or a browser history showing you have visited websites like porn7 xxx which only contains adult pornography is not used as evidence against you as it’s perfectly legal to view and own adult pornography this is because the participants in adult pornography are of legal age, therefore, it is not deemed the same as child pornography.

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