Madison Restaurant Hosts Conceal Carry/Open Carry Events, Hangs “No Guns Allowed” Sign Madison-conceal-carry-resturantA well known Madison dining establishment has apparently succumbed to liberal pressure and have hung a “No Guns Allowed”  sign on the front door of its establishment.  While the owners of Elies Family Restaurant have the right to ask for their patrons to disarm before entering, they’ve been hosting informal conceal carry events since the law has been passed in Wisconsin.

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viagra pillsrayh health care According to one member of the conceal carry/open carry  group they have been meeting there regularly, about every 4 to 6 weeks for the past two and half years.  In fact the restaurant opened early on the first day of legal conceal carry so that the members of the group could eat there before heading to the Capital to apply for their conceal carry licenses.

low cost cialis canada The member of this group went on to explain that other than a couple of mentions by the owner about an occasional customer complaint about seeing guns, there was never any incident at all.  In fact the owners never even made mention that this kind of policy was even being considered and the sign went up with no warning to this group that has spent their hard earned money there for years. see madison-resturant-conceal-carry


source Elie’s has not as of yet provided an explanation as to its change of heart on the 2nd Amendment.  Anti-gun groups have been taking to the streets recently to apply pressure on local businesses to outlaw guns in their businesses and given the political climate of Madison, there is a great chance that is exactly what happened here.