La Follette Spends Kids’ Book Money Traveling Country

ivermectin south africa price Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk exposed wasteful spending by Secretary of State Doug La Follette. Records show La Follette has extensively traveled
the country on luxurious junkets paid for by funds meant to benefit children in Wisconsin.

calculatingly free internet blackjack Adamczyk discovered the junkets were all paid for by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL). The BCPL is constitutionally required to direct all income made from trust funds to public education, in this case, money for books at K-12 school libraries.é.html “I cannot believe Doug La Follette has been allowed to waste this money. What a joke! He and staff at the BCPL fly around the country going on luxurious junkets with money that should be going to the children of Wisconsin. I sure hope that someone in the media asks Doug how long he has been using this perk to travel staying at posh resorts,” said Adamczyk. Since 2007, La Follette has spent about $35,000 on travel with an average of two trips per year. Unfortunately, records do not exist before 2007, but La Follette has been on the BCPL Board for almost 40 years. That would mean records do not exist for almost 30 years. “I have no clue the true cost to taxpayers of La Follette’s junkets, as no records exist before 2007. I can only imagine all the travel we don’t know about. At a cost of about $35,000 this last decade, what did he spend the previous three decades,” said Adamczyk.

tgt poker In an effort to provide more transparency in government, Adamczyk has uploaded La Follette’s reimbursement forms to his website. Adamczyk plans to upload all BCPL travel going forward so that funds lost on travel intended for school kids can be seen by the public.

“Simply put, the BCPL is an agency wasting money that should go to kids. La Follette has no reason to attend these trips other than he wants to go on vacation. As for the BCPL staff, these junkets are also unnecessary. In my opinion, conventions like these are junkets that allow government employees to enjoy a vacation on the taxpayer dime. Anything learned could easily be learned on the internet or in a book,” said Adamczyk.