Immigration groups ramp up pressure, demand Ryan action


If you tell a lie long enough eventually enough people will believe it. That is the tactic being used by amnesty advocates as they ramp up pressure on Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

As immigrant activists begin taking more and more aggressive actions following a week-long vigil and afternoon rally, immigrant women blocked Sixth Street in Racine on Friday and demanded that Congressman Paul Ryan come through with “a legalization process that protects family unity.”

Contrary to news reports from a town hall meeting this summer, the protestors claim that Congressman Ryan “promised legislation that will keep our families together by October. News reports at the time October has come and gone, and families are now holding the Congressman responsible for his words.”

Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa spoke at the rally, prior to the street action, “Congressman Ryan has been saying all the right things for a while now when it comes to championing immigration reform. But it’s time for the Congressman to walk the walk and give us a vote.”

Among the participants risking arrest was the Anguiano family, women of three generations – a mother, daughter, and granddaughter, as well as Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera.

“I have been waiting almost 17 years for my siblings to receive visas through the family based petition I submitted in 1997. Our current system separates families of all statuses, legal or not. It is a truly dysfunctional system when people like my siblings are “in line” for almost two decades in their attempt to legally immigrate to the United States,” says Sofia Anguiano of Racine, who participated along with her mother Luz and daughter Cecilia.

The group condemned detention and deportations under Immigration and Customs Enforcement, claiming that they are “driven by quotas rather than security.”

Luisa Morales, a graduate student at UW-Whitewater: “As the daughter of parents who came to this country as undocumented immigrants, I want you to fight for what immigration reform is truly about, the ability for families to stay together.”

Many Americans support some sort of amnesty for the children who were brought to this country illegally, but oppose amnesty or a path to citizenship for their parents who willingly broke the law and entered the country illegally.

Also on Friday, Organizing for Action released a video entitled Paul Ryan Keep Your Word to promote “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The heavily edited video claims that Ryan endorsed a pathway to “earned citizenship” and states that they “want Ryan to lead on the statements he made that day.”

On the group’s webpage, they claim that Ryan said the House would vote on the matter this year. Although, at the time, Ryan admitted that the House would likely not support the Senate’s plan due to the fact that it lacks real border security.

At the July 26 town hall, attendees were angry with Ryan. According to a report filed after the town hall by Fox6Now, those same people did not like the words to which they now want to hold Ryan.

“Dozens gathered outside, saying they’re still not happy with Ryan’s plan. They’re looking for a clear path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants,” Fox6News reported.

Ryan said at the town hall, “What we want to do is have most of our visas go to people who are coming to do work to fill the economy’s needs.”

Ryan told the group he supported increased and enforced border security and a visa tracking system to make sure individuals are here lawfully.

“It`s a system that gets people right with the law where they have a probationary period – pay taxes, pay a fine, learn English and civics and get a work visa. If they want to get a green card – you can do so at the back of that line. We think that is fair,” Ryan said.