Ho-Chunk Nation To Honor Loudenbeck

On Sunday, the Ho-Chunk Nation President Wilfrid Cleveland will present Representative Amy Loudenbeck with the Impact Award at the Neesh La Pow Wow at the Neesh La Pow Wow Grounds in Baraboo. Loudenbeck is being honored for her work preservation of burial sites.

Ho-Chunk Nation Representatives that will be in attendance for the presentation will be Representative Shelby Visintin, Representative Kristin WhiteEagle, Representative Kathy DeCamp and Representative Karena Thundercloud.

Representative Loudenbeck was the chair for the Study Committee on the Preservation of Burial Sites and had assisted with the efforts of passing Assembly Bill 118 which passed in both the Assembly and the Senate. It was written into law by Governor Scott Walker on April 3, 2018.

Ho-Chunk Nation Representative Shelby Visintin stated, “I’m proud of some of the amazing acts that I’ve witnessed while being a legislator on this council. The passing of AB118 into law has been one of those moments. Thank you so much Representative Loudenbeck for all of your tenacity, persistence and will to strengthen this law.”