Final Installment of 2015 Property Taxes: July 31

The deadline for paying the final installment of 2015 property taxes is July 31. Adam Gallagher, Dane County Treasurer, encourages mailing your tax payment and not waiting until the last week of July. Mailing your payment early helps make sure that the USPS postmark is timely and provides greater opportunity to correct errors before the deadline.

It can take up to fourteen days to resolve an online payment error, a check mailed to the wrong address, or an insufficient funds payment.

“The cost of missing the final tax installment deadline is severe. Under state law, interest and penalty charges are 1.5 percent unpaid principal per month as of February 1 (10.5% in August for 2015 taxes). So, it is imperative to pay property taxes on time to avoid a delinquency.”

Taxpayers who received a Dane County Treasurer reminder notice should return the bottom section of that notice with their payment. Do not combine Dane County final installment payments with any other payment. If you also owe 2015 taxes for City of Madison property, please mail that payment directly to the City in a separate envelope with a separate check.

Your payment to Dane County can be mailed using the blue pre-addressed return envelope enclosed with the reminder notice. Property owners mailing their payments are reminded to make their checks out properly. Checks should be made out for the exact amount due and include the parcel number on the memo line. Be sure to sign the check.

If you pay in person at the City-County Building, please know that the service lines may be long. Be sure to put enough money in the parking meter to accommodate the extra time it will take to wait in line to make your payment