Facebook unfriendly territory for Paul Ryan these days

This week, amid the hubbub of Christmas festivities, hundreds of thousands of Americans were sharing a letter to Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan from Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten. In the letter, Wooten questioned Ryan’s decision to ask him and other veterans for a donation to the Republican’s coffers after having cut their retirement benefits in the budget deal he brokered with democrat Senator Patty Murray.

Hear Chief Master Sergeant Wooten with David Webb on Patriot Radio
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The outrage by readers and commenters was unmistakable on the Five on Fox Facebook page where one of Wooten’s friends originally posted his letter, it was then covered by the Arizona Daily Independent, and then picked up by The Blaze. Thousands of veterans and their supporters made their shared disgust with Ryan known in no uncertain terms.

Earlier in the week, Ryan had told “friends” on his Facebook page that he wanted to hear from them. To that end, he posted a survey (view here) with what appears to be his top priorities from which his constituents can choose.

The choices Paul offers his friends are: Balancing the Budget, Repeal and Replace Obamacare, Tax Reform, Strengthen National Security, Entitlement Reform, Cutting Spending, Combat Poverty, and Immigration Reform.

It did not take long for his “friends” to respond to his request.

“How about a budget that doesn’t tread on the benefits of those that defend our country…,” wrote on friend.

Another friend wrote, “Your survey is crap. You’ve conveniently left off many issues that your constituents would like you to focus on, and have only included the ones your rich backers want you to focus on. You are a terrible excuse for a congressman. Please step down now.”

One friend noted that Ryan says he wants to hear from constituents, but questioned his sincerity. “Have been calling his office for two days and you get a recording,” wrote the friend. “To (sic) chicken to answer phones after screwing the military. They have all got to go next time around. We must not forget.”

On Friday night Chief Master Sergeant Wooten appeared on the popular Fox News show; The Kelly Files. Wooten told the national audience, “We didn’t let the United States down and we expect the same treatment.” Wooten said he didn’t just blame Paul Ryan for the cuts, but everyone who voted for it.

Wooten wrote to Ryan only after Ryan had emailed a solicitation for money, in which he told recipients to “take a stand.” Wooten and thousands of his fellow veterans did take a stand. On his appearance Wooten explained, “This is a complete betrayal of trust.”

In response to Ryan’s claims that the problems with his deal will be fixed, Wooten said that only a complete removal of the provision would be acceptable. “Something short of that is an abject failure.”

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Facebook unfriendly territory for Paul Ryan these days