Education Cuts Damage Our Children’s Future

essays online to buy Public Education Cuts Damage Our Children’s Future Wisconsin’s public education system suffers as millionaires benefit WAUPACA, WI – A newly released Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo detailed that general public school aid has been cut by nearly $200 million statewide over the last six years. According to the memo, more than half of public school districts in Senate District 14 have seen at least 10% of their budget cut since 2010.

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safe buy generic viagra online “While Madison Republicans continue to expand irresponsible tax breaks for the wealthy and out-of-state corporations, K-12 funding has been cut below 2010 levels in nearly all of our local school districts,” said Waupaca Mayor and State Senate Candidate Brian Smith in a statement. “As a result of six years of significant Republican budget cuts, many of our K-12 schools have laid off teachers, increased class sizes, been forced to rely on local referendums, and struggled just to keep the lights on.”

master thesis conclusion The memo shows that school districts in Senate District 14 have seen a collective cut of $8.5 million since 2010. “The school district that serves my hometown of Waupaca, where my children and grandchildren have attended school over the years, saw roughly 23% of their funding cut over the last six years.

how much does a custom written paper cost per page These public education cuts are simply irresponsible. In the State Senate, I will advocate for a comprehensive reinvestment in our public school system so that every child is ensured a bright future,” concluded Smith.

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