David King is running for Congress in Milwaukee

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His platform is based on policy positions that he believes can heal America and make Americans self-sufficient again. He says that the issues that are part of his campaign are not just a series of, “I support this,” and “I’m against that.” The issues that are part of his campaign are solutions-oriented intended to heal the community. Though Milwaukee is at the heart of the congressional district, King is making sure he’s not forgetting about Whitefish Bay and the other outlying areas. He’s on a mission to raise up the whole community.

Helping and healing isn’t a just campaign slogan. In 1979, he became a “neighborhood security aid,” patrolling Milwaukee neighborhoods and assisting with the needs of the elderly. In ’94 he started a Youth Center in Georgia. He moved back to Milwaukee and started his own prison ministry to try to rehab inmates.

Currently King has been educating the community through various means, including giving out inspirational DVDs. The DVDs Hidden Colors 1 &2 and American History in Black and White are said to “offer unique view of the religious and moral heritage of black Americans.” King is also a leader in the Frederick Douglass Republican Movement in Wisconsin. He’s a leader in rhetoric and action.

King is openly against Common Core, which has been an important issue for many on the Left and Right. He wants to repeal Obamacare because he, like so many other Wisconsinites, believes it’s not the role of the government to manipulate the market and pick winners and losers.

He’s pro 2nd Amendment. He believes that it’s for personal protection; not just hunting as many on the right do. His energy policy is an important cornerstone of his campaign; he wants to curtail the EPA’s ability to legislate through mandate.

King maybe an unknown commodity to the press but he is quickly gaining traction. Trent Franks from Arizona has come out to support him. In his endorsement Franks notes, “I can think of no better man to represent your interests on the Hill.”

Local grassroots leaders Kristi Lacroix and Paris Procopis is backing King as well. Paris states, “He is not out there giving people a lecture on Ideology 101; he’s actually focused on the real issues that matter. Issues like better education for our kids, and attracting better paying jobs to the Milwaukee area. In fact, he is the only candidate that has actually had to meet a payroll, and with his work with former inmates, he has helped to create thousands of jobs.”