Common Core critics launch National Opt Out & Refuse the Test campaign

national-opt-of-the-testDr. Gary Thompson, of Utah, testified before the Wisconsin Assembly about the high stakes testing at the core of Common Core. Thompson and others have referred to the testing as “cognitive child abuse.”

Now, as a result of their success with the “National Don’t Send Your Child to School Day” protest that took place on November 18th, Janet Wilson and a network of Common Core opponents have launched the “National Opt Out & Refuse the Test Campaign.”

Wilson, who was the primary target for marginalization by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, said the attacks actually helped raise awareness of Common Concerns and the day of protest across the country. “Many Americans who had never heard of Common Core prior to the national protest have now been enlightened,” said the young mother.

Duncan claimed that “white suburban moms” were the source of opposition to the Common Core standards. “Duncan said those moms are learning that ‘their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were,” reported Eric Owens for the Daily Caller.

Wilson says the next step, after raising awareness, is to take action against Common Core. “If we have the parents of every child opt out and refuse the tests/assessments that are associated with the national standards, we will surely send a huge message to Washington D.C. and to the test publishers. It is disgusting that people would want to profit at the expense of children.”

“The goal of the “National Opt Out & Refuse the Test Campaign” is to provide the awareness, resources, and support needed in order to have every single child in the United States of America opted out of the federally mandated high stakes testing and assessments that go along with the Common Core State Standards and the Race to the Top assessment program. When individual states signed up for the Race to the Top assessment program to receive funding from our federal government, they agreed to align their curricula with the Common Core State Standards, before the standards were even written. The federal government has unconstitutionally violated our 10th Amendment by exercising power over education.”

Education should be controlled locally and within the States, argues Wilson. Until we are able to get rid of Common Core through legislation at the state level, we need to make sure that no more children will be abused by the high stakes testing and assessments that go along with Common Core. The sooner we have all children opted out of these high stakes tests and assessments, the sooner teachers will no longer have to “teach to the test.”

opt-out-facebook-buttonWilson is urging concerned parents, teachers, and retirees to join the grassroots campaign. “We sharing the are asking for people to help make this campaign go viral by sharing website’s campaign launch page on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Pinterest, as well as by changing your profile pictures to match the one above. Please spread the word and do all that you can during this campaign for the sake of every child, every teacher, and for the future of this great country as we know it.”

Wilson is encouraging the public to:

1. Join the community on Facebook and find support before, during, and after the process of Opting Out/ Refusing the Tests.

a. Visit the Event Page: “National Opt Out & Refuse the Test Campaign”

b. Join the group “Common Core Critics – National Opt Out & Refuse the Test Campaign” at

2. Fill out the “Common Core State Standards Parent Opt Out form” provided by Truth in American Education, and send copies to:

a. The superintendent of your child’s school district

b. The principal of your child’s school

c. Each of your child’s teachers

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