Barrett & Flynn’s Lies: Sunday’s Comic

In an interview on CBS 58 , Police Chief Ed Flynn dismissed Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan’s call for 50 new police officers on Milwaukee streets next year, saying it equates to nothing more than a “stunt”.

The real stunt, Milwaukee, is the lie crime has decreased in recent years, a lie Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett have been allowed to perpetrate–it’s the biggest lie ever sold to Milwaukeeans, besides the Mayor’s lousy streetcar.

Barrett & Flynn’s numerous lies and twisting of crime data go unchallenged by most of our local media who feed eagerly at the Barrett & Flynn trough, rushing back to their newsrooms to regurgitate the information and narrative fed to them by the mayor & chief.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee and its residents drown in violent crime.

In 2014, according to the FBI, Milwaukee experienced its highest Violent Crime Rate since both Barrett and Flynn took office. Milwaukee is now the 5th Most Dangerous City in the U.S. with a population over 100,000. Have you seen or heard a single word about this reported by our local media?

Here’s additional Milwaukee crime data from the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation: since 2011, Violent Crime has spiked 49%, Robberies have jumped 19%, Aggravated Assaults have skyrocketed 78% and Motor Vehicle Thefts have increased 47%.

Further, homicides in 2015 may reach upwards of 150, a 61% increase over the five previous years’ average.

Friends and neighbors, when Barrett & Flynn act with pettiness and put me down–they’re putting you down too. Barrett & Flynn refuse to recognize as legitimate our concerns regarding the violent crime plaguing our neighborhoods.

Milwaukee, do you like that your mayor and police chief would put you down regarding your real and sincere concerns for your family’s safety? Is this the behavior and action you want from those in charge of our city’s public safety?

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