Another Biased Liberal Wisconsin Newspaper: Are you Shocked?

10392501_10152713180446099_6349160366227430269_nBy Kristi Lacroix

As a political junkie and a lifelong citizen of Wisconsin, I should know better than to be shocked and shaken over local media’s unapologetic bias against anything and everything “Scott Walker.”

Yet, here I sit in awe over Sunday’s front page edition of The Kenosha News and wonder why the KNews would go out of their way to share a story that originated from Bloomberg News as though it was original and “breaking” news.  I would share a link with all of you, but The Kenosha News is very serious about not allowing non-paying customers to their “news.”  No worries, the gist of the story is one we have  heard time and time again: ”King Of Kochworld: Scott Walker’s ties to the GOP billionaires could be edge in race to the White House” blazons the front page and is complete with a photo of Governor Walker looking like he could not possibly have an IQ higher than 20.

newsReaders are led to believe that Walker is nothing more than a lapdog for the Koch brothers, a puppet for their so-called drive to take over America. Riddled with specifically selected facts, the KNews article gives a convincing impression that Walker is receiving money hand-over-fist from the Kochs and will be a force to reckon with because of the millions in spending from this “outside interest group.” The article reads like a modern-day “David vs. Goliath” where the poor Democrats can’t stand a chance against the unprecedented spending from the rich Republican donors. Surely Walker’s bid for POTUS is funded by evil, rich brothers who outspend any and all opponents, right? The Kenosha News is simply reporting the news and they would never think of excluding facts or the full story about political spending, right?


A simple google search and ten free minutes reveals just how far the Kenosha News will go to sway the opinions of their readers. OPEN SECRETS lists all major political donors, the amount given to politics, and even the breakdown of the percentages given to Democrats and Republicans. Take a look at the top ten donors:


Wait! What? The Koch brothers are not number 1?

Nope. In fact, those evil Kochs do not even break the top 50:


How could it be that the Kenosha News does not know that the majority of political spending comes from labor unions AND goes directly to Democrats? Do I have a different “Google machine” than they do? I suppose it is possible, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that the KNews, like most Liberal rags in Wisconsin, chose to ignore facts in order to further a specific political agenda. Heck, even if they are only taking Bloomberg News at its word, why would any publication with an ounce of integrity reprint, on the front page, and article without actually doing their own research first? I am instantly reminded of Facebook debates where one side shares a blog in order to prove a point. It is simply irresponsible reporting.

Finally, I did a search of The Kenosha News, as much as they would allow, seeing if they had any stories talking about political donation from unions to Democrat candidates and causes.  Nothing noteworthy popped up.  In fact, I could not find even one negative article about political spending by unions whatsoever.

Dear Kenosha News – Report the news, the WHOLE news. It is fine to have a specific political point of view. What is not fine is parading your point of view, or those stolen from other new sights, as though it is fact. Please make an effort to: do the simple research I have been able to perform, report all sides, and allow your readers to make up their minds for themselves.

Until that day, I will continue to say “no!” when you call to sign me up for a subscription.