Amherst Fire Chief encourages violence towards Gov. Walker on Facebook

Wardenburg minimed 670g Since he was elected to the governor,  Governor Walker’s Facebook page has been ripe with threats of violence against the governor and his family, but rarely has it been from a fellow public official.

como jugar en una maquina tragamonedas provokingly Amherst Fire Chief  Victor Voss became one of those rare exceptions when he posted on a thread that had a photo of Walker at a ground breaking ceremony for new business opening in Grand Chute. Instead of being happy for the residents of Grand Chute who need the jobs, Chief Voss decided to make an ass of himself.

Najībābād site de relacionamento de servidores publicos vossøy.html But what can you expect from a guy like this?

victor-voss-fbWhile many will see this as a joke the fact is that this is a threat of violence being typed on Facebook by a public official.  It is one thing to openly post disagreements you have with your elected officials, it a completely different thing to turn those disagreements into potential violence, even if the intent was to be comical. After all you never know who is reading the thread.