A deal Chris Christy couldn’t refuse: Red Pill Approved Comics


When Chris Christie first burst onto the national political scene after winning the Governorship of New Jersey, he was seen as a bold reformer. After all he did take on the corrupt unions that ran the state behind the scenes.

As Christie continued his reforms in the Garden State he achieved almost “Cult Hero” status with many conservatives across the country.

That all ended during the 2012 election cycle when Governor Christie went into full RINO mode and literally handed Obama victory by praising him non stop prior to the election.

That didn’t stop the National GOP from making him the holder of the purse strings within the Republicans Governors Association. Whether it is petty jealousy or political expediency, Christie has decided to not follow through on campaign contributions promised to Governor Walker. In an election this close, that money can mean the difference between victory and defeat for the embattled Governor of Wisconsin.

For the last four years people on both sides of the political spectrum have accused Walker of being part of the establishment. It would seem that’s not the case as it is the GOP establishment that seems to be selling out a true reformer governor in Scott Walker.