Rob Portman & Ron Johnson Trust Trump with the Nuclear Codes

Rob Portman & Ron Johnson Trust Trump with the Nuclear Codes For months, Senators Rob Portman and Ron Johnson have been trying to tip-toe around their endorsement of Donald Trump, but today they both made their reckless and dangerous support for the GOP nominee abundantly clear. When questioned about whether Portman trusts Trump with the nuclear codes, Portman’s campaign responded:

“Rob believes that Mr. Trump and the national security team he appoints will protect our security interests and do everything they can to keep America safe, and that includes the president’s nuclear responsibilities,” Rich said.

Ron Johnson said he “certainly” trusted Trump with the country’s nuclear codes, because, “Take a look at his vice president pick, take a look at his Supreme Court justices, take a look at his family.”

While Senators Portman and Johnson put their loyalty to Trump ahead of the country’s national security, 50 of the country’s top Republican national security officials warned in a letter declaring Trump would be “the most reckless president in American history.”

“Senators Portman and Johnson are once again putting party loyalty ahead of country with dangerous potential consequences,” said DSCC spokesperson Sam Lau. “Trump has praised foreign dictators and encouraged cyberattacks against the United States, and yet Portman and Johnson would trust him with our nuclear codes. This demonstrates not just a reckless devotion to party, but a severe lack of judgment by these Republican Senators. Their constituents deserve Senators who will stand up for them, but both Rob Portman and Ron Johnson are proving they lack the courage and moral fortitude to do anything but blindly follow their party’s standard bearer.”