Republican has 13 counts of voter fraud but it’s the Democrats fault

Voter fraud doesn’t exist. We cannot purge voter rolls, of faulty registrations. Voter ID is racist. Nobody in their right mind would do it. It’s not enough to make a difference. These are things that people on the left will tell you. Liberals that are caught are scoffed at, no reason to look. We can’t make sensible laws because it’s racist. Voter-Fraud-recall-republican-

What if you found out a Republican cheated on the Prosser v Kloppenburg and THE Recall race? What if you found out simple laws to make our system secure and advanced registration would have stopped it?

I’d like to introduce you to Robert Monroe. According to e records, Monroe was considered by investigators to be the most prolific multiple voter in memory. He was a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker and state Sen. Alberta Darling, both Republicans, and allegedly cast five ballots in the June 2012 election in which Walker survived a recall challenge.

Monroe voted in his own name, using his Shorewood address, as well as that of a home owned by his parents in Milwaukee. He also voted in the 2012 presidential election from Shorewood and then drove to Lebanon, Ind., where he voted again. He also owns a home there. This double voting allegedly occurred after he was made aware of a double-voting investigation involving his son.

The investigation was initiated after authorities in Waukesha found that Monroe’s son, Benjamin, had voted in person in Waukesha in the June 2012 recall election where he lives with his mother, Robert Monroe’s ex-wife. An absentee ballot for Benjamin was also cast for Benjamin using the Shorewood address of his father.

in the June 2012 recall, an absentee ballot was cast using the name Grant Mueller, son of Robert Monroe’s girlfriend, using the Shorewood address. Initially, Grant Mueller denied casting the absentee ballot later but changed his statement, saying the signature on the absentee ballot was his. He told investigators “that Monroe was more like a father to him than his biological father.” The state crime lab tested the envelope that sealed the absentee ballots and found Robert Monroe’s saliva, according to the complaint.

The first election Monroe allegedly voted more than once was in the April 2011 Supreme Court race in which incumbent David Prosser faced Joanne Kloppenburg, a race so close that it eventually led to a recount. If 1000 people decided to do what Monroe did, Prosser could have won by cheating. There are other counts of cheating as well.

Why is this the Democrats fault? We are so afraid to make sensable laws we create none that are good, and our election system is like Swiss Cheese, full of holes. You want to create a system that’s easy to cheat, and people will.


  1. Charles B says:

    Of COURSE it is the Democrats fault.

    It is hilarious how you spell out how this guy cheated and make it even clearer that voted ID WOULDN’T have stopped this from happening.

    SO smart!

    • How would Voter ID not have stopped this from happening?

      The guy apparently had an Indiana driver’s license, which allowed him to vote in Indiana. Voter ID laws would have prevented him from using an Indiana license to vote in Wisconsin. He voted under the identities of himself, his girlfriend’s son, and his son. Again, without ID’s for those people he would not have been able to vote under their names.

  2. So let’s get this straight… the Republicans attempt to pass voter fraud laws that make voting difficult for traditionally Democratic constituencies, despite the total lack of evidence of any voter fraud. Then a *Republican* is found to be committing voter fraud. And that’s supposed to make us support voter fraud laws?

    You’ve been watching too much Fox News.

  3. George W Bush spent 5 years looking for this widespread voter fraud and in that 5 years and out of 200 million plus votes cast in that time there was a grand total of 86 cases of voter fraud..and none of them would have been stopped by voter ID.

    And you want to argue that we need Voter ID? really? Exactly what political agenda are you exercising there?

    Shouldn’t the government have to, under the idea of innocent until proven guilty, have to prove that one is guilty of voter fraud? Instead of doing what Voter ID does which is presume everyone is guilty until innocent.

    And how come the GOP for every election since 2002 has hired Nathan Sproul who, in every election since 2002, has been found to have engaged in Election fraud? And when is Ann Coulter’s ass going to be stuck in prison for voting in the wrong precient…twice.

  4. Mark Pippins says:

    Spin, spin and spin again. Republicans are anti-American and don’t think that the laws of this country apply to them, the only good law is one that they can use against any non-white, non-christian, or non-hetero member of society.

    We see you.

  5. I mean, he was caught though, right? Isn’t the argument against voter ID not that it wouldn’t stop guys like this, but actually that it would stop a lot of regular people from voting who OUGHT to be able to vote, and actually we’ve already got a system in place to catch multiple voters?

    Like this system, which caught this guy?


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