New Marquette polls shows Walker at 50%, Burke at 43% among likely voters

walker-upA sudden rise in enthusiasm for Governor Walker has propelled him to a 7 point lead in the newly released Marquette Poll.

Walker leads 50% to 43% in the all important likely voters category.

Poll director, Charles Franklin points to shifting turnout intentions as the big factor in changes to the race. It appears that Walker supporters are simply stating that they are more likely to vote next Tuesday, while Burke supporters are not as committed to doing it.

The poll also shows gains for Republican candidate for Attorney General Brad Schimel over Democrat Susan Happ. Schimel has a 43% to 39% lead over Happ with likely voters. There are way too many undecideds in the race to call it a significant lead, but this is the first time either candidate has had a lead above the margin of error in weeks.

The poll also shows that Wisconsin overwhelmingly supports Voter ID with 60% in favor to 36% opposed.

The breakdown of the sample of likely voters shows that 32% of the respondents were Democrats, 30% were Republicans, and 36% were independents and the margin of error is +/- 3%.