Environmentalists circulating image of girl carrying Walker’s decapitated head

A member of the Facebook page titled Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park posted  a artist depiction of a small girl carrying the severed head of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The image, has amassed over 160 likes and 170 responses that are mostly positive.

According to the mission statement, the purpose of their group is to provide an avenue for the distribution of research, education, and information pertaining to preserving the Penokee Hills as a national heritage park in Northwestern Wisconsin.

The mission statement states that “this is not a forum for angry, violent or confrontational acts against people or property, but a forum focused on protecting the water, the resources and life giving aspects of the environment.”

Here are a few highlighted responses that this depiction received from these non angry environmentalists:

-Thought provoking…. Is all I can say….

-While the image might be uncomfortable, let us remember that Walker’s administration has prioritized policies that have been perceived by people in Bad River to be cultural genocide. Is there a *polite* response to attempted genocide? Is there a *proper* and *respectable* manner of redress when those with whom you would discuss your grievances – those who would exterminate your way of life – ignore you?

-What a sense of release lies there. Vindication, survival! It inspires me

-Warrior women rock. The only way they will stand with Scott Walker is if they are holding his head.

-Still can’t get enough of this

The artist who did the piece is Native American  Jodi Webster.  Jodi’s bio claims that her work highlights her Woodlands lineage while also addressing the many adversities encountered by modern Native American people. Jodi is member of the Ho-Chunk Nation as well as the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

“My intentions in creating works are to enlighten the perceptions of Native people as well as positively promote women and children. By highlighting my own heritage within my work, I hope to make others aware of the distinct cultural beauty represented by each of the various 566 tribal identities. ”   

Whether or not painting a girl carrying the severed head of Walker is promoting women or children in a positive way is up for debate, but it certainly sends a clear message that the governor is not well received in the Native American community.



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  1. Hey, I had been ignoring Walkers campaign but this sort of over the top eco-nut extremism and it’s related excuses makes him much more appealing to me!

  2. Wow, what a bunch of sick b#####ds. Would you feel the same if Obama’s head were in the picture instead of a Republican’s?

  3. Mike is spot-on. One wonders if the Internet could handle the screaming and impotent Lefty rage if it were Obama’s severed head.

    I think the message sent is less “Native Americans are upset with Walker” and more “Double Standards, Ho!”

  4. Ricci Moore | August 17, 2015 at 6:52 pm |

    Jodi Webster speaks for Jodi Webster. AND THAT’S ALL!! As a Native mother and daughter, I find this “art” offensive and ignorant. How long have Native peoples lived under the “savage” stereo-type? This is a giant leap BACKWARD, and I sincerely hope that little girl is some sort of composite, and not a real child that will have this nasty and hateful portrait follow her the rest of her life.

  5. So, native Americans are ISIS now? Looks like terrorism to me, guess we better shut down the casinos, right?…even the Bad River tribe in northern WI was one of the worst polluters in the country for years, dumping raw sewage into their own Bad River. Guess the Ho Chunk should start by attacking the Bad River tribe first.

  6. jeff wright | August 18, 2015 at 12:20 am |

    this is why the left get along with and make excuses for islam . they are just as sick and evil and fascist .the ends justify the evil the commit . the left in all its form needs to be called out for its evil and bigotry and told to stfu and get out of our country.

  7. Nyk Lindsoe | August 18, 2015 at 7:28 am |

    I support the cause but think this picture is in very bad taste and sends the wrong message. Whether designed to or not it does send a message of violance and retribution which, for some will be deemed a challenge. I think it best to remember that our ancestors knew of the power of the circle and the danger of lighting fires outside it.

  8. Disgusting and hypocritical…They claim to defend one thing and then promote murder and the destruction of a child’s innocence. It makes little difference what the state of the world looks like, if evil is in it and destroys others. Look at what happened in the Garden of Eden. Could an environment get more perfect? The heart of the people is what makes the difference. If the world stands empty, or it is filled with evil because others promote such hatred, the beauty around us will make little difference. The hatred in man’s heart will be the cause of its destruction.

  9. Remember when the Lefties went ape over the. alleged, Sarah Palin TARGET ad?

  10. There was a time when this would have been considered a THREAT against a PUBLIC OFFICIAL and would have been a CRIMINAL ACT! What has happened to America? Anyone who would promote this type of rhetoric and the use of children is support of this agenda is sick and perverted.

  11. Just more of that tolerance that the left is famous for. It’s funny how they can do and say the most heinous things and they see nothing wrong with it, yet if you dare disagree with them you are a racist/bigot/homophobe/sexist/whatever…

  12. With the ‘heightened’ rhetoric of the left, it is not too far for me to imagine Americas next civil war to be one between libs and conservatives. What a shame since there are so many issues that threaten the LIVES of people on this earth. The so-called ‘artist’ who did this painting should be jailed for advancing violence in this country. The only thing I can think of is that it was a juvenile or drug demented ‘artist’ who has reached a feverish pitch politically but a very ignorant state of mind intellectually.

  13. Thank you, Ricci Moore, for speaking for some of the rest of us who have great concerns over this.

  14. Aram Karibian | August 19, 2015 at 9:09 pm |

    The picture mirrors the soul of the Left.

  15. This image is shameful. Is this what we want for our children? For anyone? Promoting ISIS-type savagery as an ends to the means?

    I used to like Jodi’s work, but not anymore. This is not “provokative” – it’s a hateful, disgusting promotion of violence. Wow Jodi: Not much of an artist if you can’t think beyond the most base, savage and stupid (i.e. where is the thought?) imagery!

  16. I am responding to the heinousness of the Jodi Webster rendering of the decapitation of Scott Walker. Irregardless of his political standing, I am appalled by this act of terrorism called art. I cannot appreciate what this rendering stands for and therefore, in light of all of the beheadings as of late this is unconscionable. Truly a bad decision on your part to print this piece of trash… I do not care if it were another person, I would still react the same way… if Walker is so bad, then this should be fought out in court, but THIS! Your paper is despicable and so are those that have responded with positive comments. To hell with political correctness, and the same goes f0or you and anyone who finds this amusing. Simply ghastly.

  17. Frankly & Earnest | August 20, 2015 at 1:27 pm |

    Yes, the soul of the Left reveals itself, as do the commenters who support such abhorrent and reprehensible concepts.

    As a society, we have not yet REGRESSED to the depravity of ISIS and the drug cartels, nor to the treacherous Middle Ages.

    The so-called PROgressives regularly show their REgressive mental illness, and their evil apprioach to governance.

  18. LeedsDevil: I not only remember the “target” ad uproar, but a father pictured with his daughter pointing a rifle at the head of a Palin wax figure, all proud of it. Never mind the politics, he’s teaching poor gun safety practices to her.

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