Don’t Like Trump, Don”t Vote Him Vote His Policies.

First, what are Trump’s policies:

1. He will Protect the First and Second Amendments, Hillary will not!
2. He will save the lives of babies.
3. He will cut taxes, Spur economy, Hillary will do opposite!
4. He will get us good trade deals, Hillary endorsed NAFTA, TPP and more
5. Hillary is Globalist, Trump is for America!
6. Trump kills Common core, turns education money over to states.
7. Hillary will double Regulations, Trump will half them.
8. Trump will protect Medicare and Social Security, Hillary will tax Social security like her husband.
9. Trump will dump Obamacare and work with the states to cover Health Insurance.
10. Trump will get us Jobs and a better economy by stimulating small businesses, not tax them to death, as Hillary will do.
11. Obama/Hillary have make giant mess of the Middle East and have no plan to fix the mess. From Libya to Iran we are in deep doodoo. This is the result of Hillary’s and Obamas policies.
12. Under Hillary/Obama we have seen the working classes, families lose ground, net worth, salaries. The big donors for Hillary have made out like horse thieves.
13. Hillary and her gang hate Catholics, and label those of us, that actually work for a living as “Deplorables”.
14. Trump wants people to obey our immigration laws in this country. Hillary say let us “Open the Borders”
15. Will Trump bust up the Ruling Class? Stop the lobbyists, lawyers, hacks, hustlers, Operatives from Gaming the system??
16. Do not forget the Supreme Court and the judges, prime reason!
17. Energy prices will skyrocket under Hillary and huge numbers of people will be thrown out of jobs.
18. Kids in schools run by the Left are being lost. MPS National Disaster.
19. Finally who will get rid of the terrorists?
20. Who is financing the Clintons?? Foreign countries, the big bucks on Wall street.

We have come to a cross roads. Some nominal Republicans that constitute the “Establishment, “Ruling Classes” as out lined by Rush, and Kevin Phillips in his book, see that they might lose their golden billfolds under Trump. They care little about us and a lot about their power. They believe they run things, and it has been true.

We do not need this theocracy in Mad City or DC. We must return the GOP to its Grass Roots base, that was founded to defeat slavery.

We have seen the emergence of the giant money influence that is really questionable. Jeb spent almost 200 million, went nowhere. Bernie spent little and would have won, except for the set aside delegates by the Democrats.

Bernie and Trump came up from the bottom, cause the large majority of people are tied of the big money and the people who genuflect to it, instead of watching their bases.

The GOP in Wisconsin, is down to it’s lowest level of membership and input for the base in 20 years. A small group of people have risen to the top and are ignoring the base. This is very bad.

Political parties are not built around one person, or one clique, but its base principles and the quest for a better future.

Trump has said he will have Pence run the government. He will concentrate on getting a “Bigger and Better Deal” for our working Families.

He has said that he will sign the Ryan reforms, that help this country. Amazing but it is the Conservatives, Paul Ryan, Robin Vos and the Assembly that put forth great palns for the state and the country.

Elections Rigged????

Is Trump showing us all, how bad the system is, when all these things happen to him? How the “Ruling Class” In DC, and Mad City, fights anyone that might really right the system, and “push all those snouts away from the trough”, “you are going to get lots of oinking” when Trump does that.

How many people could handle the stress and pressure that has buried him?

Ron vs Russ!!!

This is primary race!! Russ spent 18 years in senate never did a thing. No jobs or important programs for Wisconsin. Ron has led the fight for National Security. Russ lost it!

Ron deserves to go back to the Senate. He has asked all Conservatives to get 100 people to vote for him via, letters, emails, calls, work on the streets, churches etc. Please help.

Education Money Badly Spent?

Since 1970 we have increased spending on education by tenfold and for 50% fewer students yet our testing is down, ACT, SAT, scores are down and reading and math are at it’s lowest places in a centry. We did better in One Room schools.

At MPS, only 15% of third graders, can read well. Graduation Rates are Popcorned up. They measure from the start of 12th grade instead of 9th grade.

Despite all of this the educrats call for more money.

Only Tommy, Kooyenga, Darling, all Conservatives have fought for these kids.

Arne Duncan comes in and declares MPS a “national disaster” and the white, liberal, male, racists that control Milwaukee, yawn.