6th District caucus passes no-confidence resolution against Olsen, Kestell

kestell-olsenAt the 6th District caucus held on March 22, a resolution of non-support and no-confidence was overwhelmingly passed against Wisconsin legislators who support or have not acted against the adoption of Common Core. The resolution of no confidence in Senator Luther Olsen, and Representative Steve Kestell will be transmitted to all Republican legislators and Governor Scott Walker before April 1st.

The resolution passed with the support of nearly 80 percent of attendees. The vote set a precedent, say organizers. Now other states are considering using similar resolutions.

Janet Wilson, a national leader in the fight against Common Core said, “Far too many elected officials throughout our country are failing to represent their constituents in matters like Common Core. It is very refreshing to see that Senator Olsen and Representative Kestell are being held accountable for not doing their jobs. I hope more states will follow Wisconsin’s lead in resolving to assign votes of no-confidence to the elected officials that fail to represent ‘We the People.'”

According to attendees, over 30 resolutions passed with strong support. The resolutions included the rejection of Common Core, Mandated Government Control of Healthcare, Eminent Domain Abuse, Holding Republican Elected Accountable, Strengthen Wisconsin’s 10th Amendment Rights, Restore Separation of Powers in Washington DC, Support of 4th and 5th Amendments, and more.

Attendees report that the original resolution for non-support and no-confidence was limited to Olsen only. However, it was later amended to include Kestell. Kestell had left the caucus early and did not defend his position.

However, according to Party operatives, Olsen, who is described as extremely arrogant, and Kestell, known for his quick temper, were angry after the vote.

Operatives say that the two ignored their constituency, but later blamed their constituency for the resolution when they should really be blaming Governor Walker for his failure to take a strong principled stand against the widely unpopular federal standards.

The resolution reads:


WHEREAS the Republican Party of Wisconsin adopted a resolution calling for the rejection of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) at the 2013 state convention, for numerous reasons listed therein and

WHEREAS the Republican National Committee at its 2013 spring meeting adopted a resolution rejecting the Common Core State Standards for all the reasons stated therein and

WHEREAS Common Core State Standards are nothing more than a continuation of the past failed programs of the Federal Department of Education and the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction that sought to indoctrinate students instead of educating them and

WHEREAS State Senator Luther Olsen obviously has and continues to act as a biased champion for CCSS in Wisconsin and has failed to withdraw his involvement in educational matters in which he has a conflict of interest as between his and his wife’s interests and that of taxpayers and constituents

WHEREAS Senator Olsen and Rep. Kestell have remained manipulative, misleading and unaccountable in their dealings with Wisconsin citizens, even with their own constituents who have repeatedly voiced their wishes and been ignored by Senator Olsen, Rep. Kestell and their office staffs alike and

WHEREAS Senator Olsen and Rep. Kestell appear to have personal and independent motives in their promotion of Common Core State Standards which do NOT reflect the views of the members of the Republican Party of the 6th District, the Republican Party of the State of Wisconsin, and the Republican National Committee and

WHEREAS Senator Olsen and Rep. Kestell do NOT seem to have the ability, inclination or commitment to represent the views and positions of their constituents regarding education issues in the 6th District, the State of Wisconsin and the Republican National Committee;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Senator Olsen and Rep. Kestell resign their positions as state chairs of the education committee and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican 6th Congressional District of Wisconsin, in caucus assembled, assign Senator Olsen and Rep. Kestell a vote of no-confidence and a declaration of non-support and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution be delivered to ALL Wisconsin Republican legislators and the Governor before April 1st, 2014.